The SE Center for Photography

An exhibition and education venue promoting the art and enjoyment of fine photography.

Through monthly juried exhibitions, local, national and international photographers of all skill levels have the opportunity to have their work presented and enjoyed by collectors, curators, enthusiasts, interior designers, and colleagues.  

In addition, exceptional photographers will be invited to participate in solo or group shows.

Our workshop and class schedule cover all aspects of photography and challenges, encourages and inspires the photographer in all of us.


Located in the Village of West Greenville, Greenville, South Carolina's textile mill village turned arts district. Just one mile west of downtown.


Exhibition Schedule


Typically our shows will open on First Friday

9/1-9/30/17, Landscape, Grand and Personal, Juried by Eliot Dudik

Eliot selected images from the following photographers to be included in Landscape, Grand and Personal:

Jan Arrigo   Cameron Ashraf   Robert Atwater   Jeff Beekman  
Iggy Beerbower    Michael Borowski   Susan Bryant   Ronald Buchter  
Jessica Cantlin   
Courtney Crawford   Anastasia Davis  
Joe Pat Davis   Donna DeLone  Alexander Diaz    Tasha Doremus  
Bryan Garris   Keirston Goforth   Marita Gootee   Connor Gordon  
Scott Herndon  Jodie Hooker   RJ Hooker   Scott Hoyle  
Arnold Koroshegyi   Jim Kushman      Danea Males  
Tricia McKellar   Marc Nathanson  Willie Osterman  
Joaquin Palting   Tianran Qin   Jonathon Sanatmaria   Martina Shenal  
Sara Silks   Joey Solomon   Julie Stephenson  
Kathleen Taylor   Adrienne Villar and Nicholas Widener


Selections Have Been Made for

Other Worlds

We asked to see Other Worlds, real or imagined, dreams, nightmares,
the impossible and the unusual. The SE Center was looking for images that pushed reality to the edges of the frame, staged, contrived or candid, digital,
analog, or antique processes

Juror Tom Chambers has made his selections and the following photographers are to be featured in Other Worlds:

Megan Badger   Greg Banks   Carson Barnes   Soukayna Belghiti
Patty Carroll   Sharon Covert   Carol Erb   Anne Hopkins
Stephen Joyce   Candi S. Kalinsky   Barbara Karant   Blythe King   Dominic Lippillo   Joshua Littlefield   Jack Long   Joanna Madloch
Lloyd Mathews   Cali McCaw   Kasey Medlin   Lynette Miller
Kat Moser   Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer   Dale Niles   Dale O'Dell
Elizabeth Parrish   Charlotte Peterson   David Pittenger   Vanessa Powell  Kathryn Reichert   Liese Ricketts   James Rohan   Peter Stern
Micajah Truit and Beamie Young

Other Worlds opens October 6




7/28-8/27/17, Forsaken, Juror Terri Cappucci selected the following photographers to be featured in the SE Center’s Forsaken Exhibition:

Nancy Albert   Robert Atwater   Sarajane Berge   Andrea Birnbaum   Nancy Stalnaker Bundy   Mark Coggins   Karen Cohen   Jerry Courvoisier   Bob Dart   Mark Dierker   Tasha Doremus   Robert Dutruch   Larry French   Kalen Sheng Fu  Nancy Goodrich   Mel Hammonds   Leslie Hanes   Sheryl Hess   Andrew Hoff   Blayne Macauley   Vicky Martin   Angela Martin   Christine Moriello   Jerry Ranch   Dale Rio   Eleonora Ronconi   Ryuten Paul Rosenblum  Carol Schiraldi   Kathleen Taylor   Sal Taylor Kydd   Debra Van Swearingen   Jeff Wiles   Dylan Wilson   Beamie Young   and   Teresa Zafon

7/21-8/28/17, Looking In, Looking Out, Polly Gaillard

Opening Reception 7/21/17, 6-8PM

Previous Exhibitions




6/2/17, The Contemporary Nude, Juried by Mona Kuhn

5/5/17, Alternative Processes, Juried by Jill Enfield

4/7/17, Architectural Photography, Juried by Tillman Crane

3/3/17,  Beyond the SelfieJuried by Miss Aniela

2/3/17, REDJuried by Michael Itkoff

1/6/17, Monochrome, Juried by Del Zogg

12/2/16 Portal, Juried by Lori Vrba

11/4/16 Color, Juror Diana Bloomfield

10/7/16 Masks, Juror Aline Smithson

9/1/16 Documentary Photography, Jurors Romke Hoogwaerts & Grace Leigh

8/5/16 Nocturnes, Harold Davis Juror

6/3/16 On the Road, Douglas Beasley Juror

5/6/16 Water, Michael Pannier, Juror

4/1/16 The Abandoned Landscape, Laura Campbell, Juror

3/4/16 The Contemporary Nude, Bernard Gerson, Juror

2/5/16 Dreams, Ann George Juror

1/1/16 The Abstract Image, Blue Mitchell,  Juror

12/4/15 Be Square, Christophe Dillinger, Juror

11/6/15 The Narrative Portrait, Nicholas Kahn, Juror

9/4/15 Black ,White & Everything in Between, Jennifer Schlesinger, Juror



5/5/17-6/24/17, Andrew Feiler, Without Regard to Sex, Race, and Color

3/3/17-4/29/27 Emma Powell & Kirsten Hoving, Svala's Saga

11/4/16-12/31/16 Polly Chandler, You Build It, You Wreck It Down, and Mary Anne Mitchell, Meet Me in My Dreams

9/1/16 - 10/29/16 Owen Riley, Selected Images

6/3/16 - 8/27/16 Lori Vrba, New Images from Portal

4/8/16- 5/28/16 Leah Macdonald, Selected Works

2/5/16 -3/30/16 Ann GeorgeFlight Behavior: A Murder of Crows

8/12/15 Center Invitational- The Best of the Upstate