The SE Center for Photography, Exhibition Opportunities for Photographers

The SE Center for Photography

Providing photographers an avenue to an audience

An exhibition and education venue promoting the art and enjoyment of fine photography.

Through monthly calls for submission and juried exhibitions, local, national and international photographers of all skill levels have the opportunity to have their work presented and enjoyed by collectors, curators, enthusiasts, and colleagues. In addition, exceptional photographers will be invited to participate in solo or group shows at the gallery.

The SE Center is a 2400 square foot freestanding building in downtown Greenville, SC, 1 1/2 blocks from Main St. The SE Center features 3 gallery spaces, lounge, space for classroom and shooting workshops, bookstore, front and back operating overhead doors and our own parking lot.

In addition to exhibition opportunities for photographers, our workshops and events cover all aspects of photography and encourage and inspire the photographer in all of us.

Exhibition Schedule at the SE Center for Photography

Exhibition Schedule


Typically our shows will open on First Friday

Flora, 10/4/19, Juror Kate Breakey

©K Malcom

©K Malcom

The following photographers have been selected to participate in Flora:

Jonk Natalie Allgyer Gary Beeber Sarajane Berge
Catherine Caddigan Julianne Clark Jim Collum
Myrtie Cope Catherine Fairchild* Jo Fields* George S Gati Margo Geddes Lara Gilks Patricia Gilman Bill Harbin* Elizabeth M Johnston Parvathi Kumar Carol Lawrence* George Lee* Ky Lewis Melody Locke Diane MacDonald Kally Malcom Lloyd Matthews Mahala Mazerov Anne Piessens Marian Rubin Sally Russ Petra Senn Kelly Sinclair Alison Smith Lee Chapman Isaac Stackell Barbara Tuffli Cindy Vondran Jennifer Wannen Nicholas Whitman Lisa Wiecki* and Beamie Young*

*SE Center Members

Forgotten, 11/1/19, Juror Jeff Rich

Portrait, 12/6/19, Juror Doug Beasley

Portal, 1/3/20, Juror Jane Szabo

SE Center Open, 2/7/20, Juror Susan Burnstine



Woman by Women, 9/6/19, Juror Kat Kiernan

The following photographers have been selected to participate in Women by Women:

Tara Ashton   Sandra Bacchi Jacilyn Bailey   Janice Bond  Melissa Borman 
Joan Lobis Brown  Judy Brown  Jemma Castiglione
Jo Ann Chaus   Sinden Collier  Karen Commings   Sharon Draghi  Natalie Fay Green   
Coralie Fournier   Rheana Gardner  Nadide Goksun   Janet Holmes  Suzun Lamaina   Sonja Langford  J.K. Lavin  Christine Lenzen 
Marcia Mahoney  Landry Major  Lisa McCord  Caitlin McCullough  Christina McFaul  Kat Moser  Adrianna Newell  Louise Pedno  Dale Rio  Sally Russ 
Jenny Sampson  Susan Smith  Kamila Stepien  Andrea Torrei 
Nina Welch-Kling  Laiken Whittredge  Mara Zaslove 
and Christine Zuercher

*SE Center Members

©Wendi Schneider

©Wendi Schneider

Evenings with the Moon, Wendi Schneider, 9/6 - 10/26/19

Opening Reception, Friday 10/4/19, 6-8 PM

©Jeff Rich

©Jeff Rich

The Watershed Project, Jeff Rich. 11/1-12/28/19

Opening Reception, Friday 11/1/19, 6-8 PM

SE Center Members Show, 1/3/20-2/1/20

Opening Reception, Friday 1/3/20, 6-8 PM

Previous Exhibitions


8/2/19, Color, Juror, Blue Mitchell, Catalog Available

7/5/19, Home, Juried by Lisa Woodward and Mia Dalglish, Catalog Available

6/7/19, Abandoned Landscape , Juror Jennifer Schlesinger, Catalog Available

5/3/19, Abstract, Juried by Adam Finkleston, Catalog Available

4/1/19, Light, Juried by Richard McCabe, Catalog Available

3/1/19, SE Center Open, Juried by Richard Tuschman, Catalog Available

2/1/19, Black, White, & Monochrome, Juried by Michael Foley, Catalog Available

1/4/19, Natural Nude, Juried by Kim Weston, Catalog Available

12/7/18, Fauna, Juried by Anne Berry, Catalog Available

11/2/18, The Contemporary Portrait, Juried by Steve Diamant, Catalog Available

10/5/18, Altered Worlds, Juried by Claire Rosen, Catalog Available

8/3/18,  Color, Juried by Guy Tal, Catalog Available

7/6/18, Memory of Place, Juried by Susan Spiritus, Catalog Available

6/1/18,  Home, Juried  by Aline Smithson, Catalog Available

5/11/18,  Seasons, Juried by Michael Pannier, Catalog Available

4/13/18, Still Life, Juried by Kimberly Witham, Catalog Available

3/2/18,  iPhoneographyJuried by Dan Burkholder, Catalog Available

2/2/18,  Shades of Black & WhiteJuried by Susan Bernstein, Catalog Available

1/5/18,  The Abstract ImageJuried by Adam Finlelston, Catalog Available

12/1/17,  The SE Center OpenJuried by Tim Anderson, Catalog Available

11/3/17,  The Intimate PortraitJuried by Joyce Tenneson, Catalog Available

10/6/17, Other WorldsJuried by Tom Chambers, Catalog Available

9/1/17, Landscape, Grand and Personal, Juried by Eliot Dudik- Catalog Available

7/28/17, Forsaken, Juried by Terri Cappucci

6/2/17, The Contemporary Nude, Juried by Mona Kuhn

5/5/17, Alternative Processes, Juried by Jill Enfield

4/7/17, Architectural Photography, Juried by Tillman Crane

3/3/17,  Beyond the SelfieJuried by Miss Aniela

2/3/17, REDJuried by Michael Itkoff

1/6/17, Monochrome, Juried by Del Zogg

12/2/16 Portal, Juried by Lori Vrba

11/4/16 Color, Juried by Diana Bloomfield

10/7/16 Masks, Juried by Aline Smithson

9/1/16 Documentary Photography, Juried by Romke Hoogwaerts & Grace Leigh

8/5/16 Nocturnes, Juried by Harold Davis

6/3/16 On the Road, Juried by Douglas Beasley

5/6/16 Water, Juried by Michael Pannier

4/1/16 The Abandoned Landscape, Juried by Laura Campbell

3/4/16 The Contemporary Nude, Juried by Bernard Gerson

2/5/16 Dreams, Juried by Ann George 

1/1/16 The Abstract Image, Juried by Blue Mitchell

12/4/15 Be Square, Juried by Christophe Dillinger

11/6/15 The Narrative Portrait, Juried by Nicholas Kahn

9/4/15 Black ,White & Everything in Between, Juried by Jennifer Schlesinger


7/5- 8/31/19, Diffusion, Curated by Lori Vrba

5/3-6/8/19, The SE Center Staff Exhibition

4/5-4/27/19, Upstate College Exhibition, 4/5 - 4/27/19

2/15 - 3/30/19, Monica Stevenson, Horse Scapes

1/4-2/2/19, SE Center Members Exhibition, Catalog Available

12/7/18, To Do, To Undergo, To Look - Emerging Photographers of the Upstate, Catalog Available

9/21-12/1/18, Ray Pfeiffer, Driving Home

7/6-8/25/18, Kevin Holliday, In Different Light

5/4-6/23/18, Heather Evans Smith, Seen Not Heard

3/2/18-4/28/18, Bryce Lankard, Drawn to Water

1/5/18-2/24/18, Ben Nixon, Oriental Seagull: Photogramic Paintings

9/1/17-10/28/17, Benjamin Dimmitt, PARADISE.LOST.

7/21/17-8/28/17, Polly Gaillard, Looking In, Looking Out

5/5/17-6/24/17, Andrew Feiler, Without Regard to Sex, Race, and Color

3/3/17-4/29/27 Emma Powell & Kirsten Hoving, Svala's Saga

11/4/16-12/31/16 Polly Chandler, You Build It, You Wreck It Down, and Mary Anne Mitchell, Meet Me in My Dreams

9/1/16 - 10/29/16 Owen Riley, Selected Images

6/3/16 - 8/27/16 Lori Vrba, New Images from Portal

4/8/16- 5/28/16 Leah Macdonald, Selected Works

2/5/16 -3/30/16 Ann George, Flight Behavior: A Murder of Crows

8/12/15 Center Invitational- The Best of the Upstate