Our workshops and expeditions cover all aspects of photography and challenge, encourage and inspire the photographer in all of us. During the workshops, our complete focus is on you, the photographer.

Our instructors are working professional photographers who have a passion for sharing and inspiring. We recognize the commitment of time, energy and money it takes for you to attend a workshop and work very hard to be the best at intimately knowing our locations, providing a wealth of high quality information via excellent presentations and one on one help in the field, presenting extremely supportive and highly detailed image reviews, and doing all of this in an energy rich, supportive environment where inspiration and having fun are the hallmark of our workshops.

Our instructors do not shoot their own work when they are with students during our workshops. If you see instructors photographing, they are either shooting images of the participants engaging in the workshop for public relation purposes, shooting something that is to be used for educational purposes during the workshop, or demonstrating something for a participant(s).

SE Center Workshops fully realizes that in addition to the education business we are in the inspiration business, and ultimately, we are a service business. We are here to serve you and your complete satisfaction with your workshop experience is our pledge. After all, the majority of our workshop participants are repeat customers and we know as well as anyone that we only get one chance to make a memorable first impression. 

When we publish a workshop cost it includes everything. We won't surprise you with additional Materials Costs or Model Fees. If the workshop is all day at the SE Center, we provide lunch, snacks and beverages. Before you register you know the true cost of our workshops.


Clamshell box front.jpeg

10/20/18, Box Making, Create a Clamshell Box

Carol Lawrence

Create your own clamshell boxes--an attractive and functional way to protect photographs, fragile and special mementos, and books. During this on day workshop, you will construct your own 8 x 10 or 12 x 12 clamshell box for storing loose materials such as documents,  photographs, or other archival materials. 

We will provide all materials need to construct our boxes, lunch and snacks.

And a reminder, the SE Center does not add a materials fee.


Open clamshell with photo.jpeg

Register soon, 4 participants minimum to conduct this workshop,

Tickets $115-$125



 ©Claire Rosen

©Claire Rosen

2/2-2/3/19 The Marketing of Photography


Photographers spend most of their time in the pursuit of the image, yet very few know how to present and promote themselves to get the support they need. Getting your name out there amidst the thousands of other photographers working today can be an overwhelming task, even for established photographers. This lecture-based workshop on marketing provides an easy common sense and personal approach to finding your market and uniquely presenting your work; covering everything from personal vision and artist branding, establishing goals, promotional support materials, utilizing technology and social media, finding your clients and how to approach them effectively. Students will complete handouts and exercises to apply these theories personally to their own work in the class. Whether looking for representation, editorial or commercial assignments, book publishing, funding for special projects or gallery shows this workshop looks at the bigger picture and will help you to develop a sustainable strategy to have your work noticed.

Tickets $375-$425

 ©M Pannier

©M Pannier

2/15-2/17/19 Creating the Fine Art Nude Image,

William Earle & Michael Pannier

A two and a half day in depth hands on workshop presented by Bill Earle and Mike Pannier. Focusing on all of the details that go into the making of a strong fine art nude photograph. We’ll work with just a few concepts and examples exploring all of the subtleties and details that must be considered taking as much time as needed with just a single image.

Tickets $540-$650


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 ©Richard Tuschman

©Richard Tuschman

3/23-3/24/19, Making A Life As A Photographic Artist: A Guided Journey

Richard Tuschman

Every photographer is potentially poised to make a unique creative contribution. Yet optimal artistic growth and expression can only be achieved through proper nurturing. This workshop introduces a ready-to-be-followed roadmap for realizing your creative potential as a photographic artist. Step by step, we will explore techniques, tools, and strategies to foster long-term growth for photographers at all stages of their careers. Topics discussed in this two-day seminar will, among others, include “Finding Your Voice As An Emotional Messenger”, “Orchestrating A State Of Creative Flow”, “Responding to Rejection With Resilience”, and “Learning To Hurdle Creative Block.” While rooted in contemporary scientific research, these strategies have all been instrumental in Richard’s decades-long artistic practice.

Tickets $425-$495

 ©Brandon Tribodeaux

©Brandon Tribodeaux

Spring 2019, Crafting the Personal Project

Brandon Thibodeaux

Personal projects are essential to defining your identity as a photographer. Whether portrait series, photojournalism, or conceptual pieces, they express your passion and—if done well—inspire that same passion in others.

Maybe you've just started a new project. Maybe you're stranded in the middle of one. Or maybe you've been working on something for years and just need that last push to get it out into the world. Regardless of where you are in your process, Brandon Thibodeaux shows you how to take your idea and mold it into a finished body of work.

At the end of our time together we hold group discussions about what lies ahead for our projects. There are a multitude of resources and outlets for your work; some may be destined for a book, others for a gallery wall or perhaps even a commissioned assignment.

Whether it's for a curator, book publisher, or magazine editor, you come away with the know-how to harness your personal project's potential and get it in front of the right audience.

This is not a shooting workshop. Please bring a body of work, or several, to develop over the weekend.


Brandon Thibodeaux was raised in Beaumont, Texas, where his photography career began in 2002 at a small daily newspaper while studying photography at Lamar University. 

He now resides in Dallas, TX, and his clients include Atlantic Records, BBVA Compass Bank, ED&F Man, Fader, Forbes, FT Weekend Magazine, Guardian Weekend Magazine, Harper's, HGTV, Match.com, Monocle, Mother Jones, MSNBC, The New York Times, NPR, Oprah Winfrey Network, Shell Oil, Urban Land Institute, World Wildlife Fund, and The Wall Street Journal, among others.

His work is recognized by American Photo Magazine, Photo District News, and the Oxford American lists him as one of their 100 Under 100, New Superstars of Southern Art. His photographic project in the Mississippi Delta, “When Morning Comes”, was awarded Center’s Gallerist Choice Award 2013, AI-AP American Photography 30, the Critical Mass Solo Show Award 2013, the 2014 Michael P. Smith Fund For Documentary Photography Grant and the 2016 Palm Springs Photo Festival Portfolio Review Award.


Thoughts from previous SE Center workshop attendees

“I will definitely attend more workshops at the SE Center and encourage others to do the same! You won't regret the time and money spent on the Center's professional workshops.”- Rebekah

"It was a real treat and great fun to spend the day at the SE Center for Photography and learning to make portfolio boxes taught by Carol Lawrence.  I love that we were able to complete making a beautiful box in one session.  Kudos to Carol for making a complicated task so enjoyable and satisfying." - Rosanne

“I now know that I can sneak out of my comfort zone and will not fall apart. I can describe, with confidence, what I like or dislike about a photo and why. It’s the tiny details that complete a photo.
I loved the small group! It was an honor to be with such strong photographers and feel respected. Would I come again? In a heartbeat! Would I travel somewhere else to work with you all? Absolutely! Will I refer my friends? Of course! Grateful for the opportunities you provided and I hope to attend more workshops in the future.” -

It was a WONDERFUL weekend and I can't thank the two of you enough for putting these workshops together. If I retain 10% of everything you threw at me, I'll be surprised so I guess I'll have to come back next year for a followup.” - Marc