Calls for Entry

Current and upcoming calls for entry.

Typically 35-40 images are selected to hang in the gallery.

A note about our jurors and curators. Yes, we want to hang your work in the gallery and hopefully sell it to a collector. But juried shows are also about exposure. We work with the leaders in contemporary photography, the respected gallerists, publishers and photographers whom you want viewing your images. These are the individuals that can further your career. Move you from an enthusiast to becoming a photographer, from an emerging to a mid career artist. 

Among the jurors we are currently working with: Jennifer Schelsinger, Verve Gallery; Tony Sweet, Photographer/Educator; Nicholas Kahn, Photographer/Artist; Blue Mitchell, Photographer/Publisher- Diffusion Magazine and Plates to Pixels Gallery; Christophe Dillinger, Publisher- Square Magazine; Bernard Gerson, Galerie BMG; Ann George, Photographer; Laura Campbell, Photographer/ Publisher- Looking Glass Magazine: Douglas Beardsley, Photographer, Educator, Spiritual Guide; Romke Hoogwaerts and Grace Leigh/ Publishers- Mossless. On deck for the next round of shows are Aline Smithson, Josephine Sacabo, Eddie Soloway, Kevin Messina, Michelle Dunn Marsh and more.

©L James

©L James


The fine art nude has been a celebrated subject of photography since the beginning and played an important role in establishing photography as a fine art medium. Early on, both in history and most photographers experience, the nude has been featured in a classical pose and setting, maturing to illustrating the human body as a sculptural abstraction, and with some pushing boundaries.

With the 21st century flooding us, the photographer and the viewer, with images of the nude in every form of media, it has become more difficult for the fine art nude photographer to make a statement.  The SE Center is looking for photographers who can make a statement. Stop us in our tracks and make us see more in the image.

Our juror for the Contemporary Nude is Mona Kuhn. Mona Kuhn was born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1969, and in 1989, moved to the US and received her US Citizenship.  Kuhn earned her BA from The Ohio State University, before furthering her studies at the San Francisco Art Institute.  She is currently an independent scholar at The Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles.

Kuhn is best known for her large-scale, dream-like photographs of the human form. Her work often reference classical themes with a light and insightful touch.  Kuhn’s approach to her photography is unusual in that she usually develops close relationships with her subjects, resulting in images of remarkable naturalness and intimacy, and creating the effect of people naked but comfortable in their own skin.

35-40 Selected images will hang in the SE Center’s main gallery space for approximately one month with the opportunity to be invited for a solo show at a later date.


Submissions Open 1/27/17

Submissions Close 4/9/17

Exhibition Opens 6/2/17



The Forsaken, places and belongings that once mattered, that have been left behind. Things once being of importance to humans …personal items, homes, special places, letters, etc.  Anything that has been left behind or replaced .  Any place or property that once had the importance to another.

The SE Center is looking for all forms of imagery of the Forsaken, black-and-white and color, analog, digital or antique processes, photographers of all skill levels and locations are welcome.

Our juror for Forsaken is Terri Cappucci. Cappucci is a photographic artist who grew up in Bernardston, Massachusetts, a  small farming community on the Vermont border. She began her career as staff photojournalist for a large daily newspaper and moved on to full time freelance work with the Boston Globe and the New York Times.  Terri is best known for her twenty-year  documentary in South Africa, a film-based project photographed from 1994-2014 which  was on display in Doric Hall at the Massachusetts State House, in Boston. She received her MFA in Photography from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and is a working artist and educator in western Massachusetts.

 Her current project "Rescued Existence" is a documentary depicting places that no longer inhabit life and have been left untouched as they were before the space was no longer occupied. The project also includes audio sound effects along with a narrated story.

35-40 Selected images will hang in the SE Center’s main gallery space for approximately one month with the opportunity to be invited for a solo show at a later date.

Forsaken Prospectus

Submissions Close 5/7/17

Selections Announced 5/21/17

Exhibition Opens 8/4/17

Exhibition Printing & Framing

To avoid shipping costs & headaches, the SE Center for Photography will print your photographs for you upon acceptance. For $15 per image, we'll print on archival paper and after the show either return the print to you ($15 additional for shipping, US addresses only) or you may choose to donate the image to the Center's flat file for future access to collectors.


The SE Center for Photography will mat & frame your images at no charge,  using our selection of 11x14 & 16x20 black, metal frames with white, archival mats and conservation clear glass for the exhibitions. 

You may send images matted but they must fit our frames. If we are to print and frame your images please assure they meet the following guidelines:

For an 11 x 14" frame with a window opening of 7.5 x 9.5", please print your image 8 x 10 "

For an 11 x 14" frame with a window opening of 7 x 10", please print your image 7.5 x 10.5 "

For a 16 x 20" frame with a square mat opening of 12 x 12", please print your image 12.5 x 12.5"

For a 16 x 20" frame with a mat opening of 10.5 x 13.5", please print your image 11 x 14"

For a 16 x 20" frame with a mat opening of 10 x 15", please print your image 10.5 x 15.5"

Some cropping will occur due to mat overlap. If a photograph cannot be printed to our mat sizes, the photographer is responsible for matting his or her own work.  If work does not fit in 11 x 14 or 16 x 20 in. frames, photographers are responsible for framing his or her own work.  Maximum frame size is 16 x 20 unless approved by the SE Center.  Work will be returned as sent, with return postage provided by entrant.