The SE Center for Photography

An exhibition and education venue promoting the art and enjoyment of fine photography.

Providing photographers an avenue to an audience.

Through monthly juried exhibitions, local, national and international photographers of all skill levels have the opportunity to have their work presented and enjoyed by collectors, curators, enthusiasts, interior designers, and colleagues.  

In addition, exceptional photographers will be invited to participate in solo or group shows.

Our workshop and class schedule cover all aspects of photography and challenges, encourages and inspires the photographer in all of us.


Exhibition Schedule


Typically our shows will open on First Friday

 ©M Stewart

©M Stewart

4/13-5/19/18, The Still Life, Juror Kimberly Witham 

Opening Reception 4/13, 6-8PM

The following photographers are to be featured in the exhibition:

Hannah Arnette   Angie Pember Brockey   Susan Bryant  
Jo Ann Chaus   Mihai Chebac   Robert Dutruch   William Earle  
Malcolm Easton   Vladimir Frumin   Daniel George   Nadide Goksun  Margaret Halaby   Jackie Heitchue   Gea Hogeveen   Susan Kott  Thomas Ladd   Carol Lawrence   Laura Malaterra   Jim McKinniss  Lea Murphy   Katherine Richmond   Wilford Scott   Melissa Stewart  JP Terlizzi   Terry Towery   and Tina Weitz


Seasons, 5/11/18,  Juror Michael Pannier

Home, 6/1/18, Juror Aline Smithson

Memory of Place, 7/6/18, Juror Susan Spiritus




 ©D VanSwearingen

©D VanSwearingen

3/2-3/31/18,  iPhoneograhy, Juror Dan Burkholder

Opening Reception 3/2, 6-8PM

The following photographers are to be featured in the exhibition:

Richard Alton   Sara Augenbraun   Joann Benzinger   Bruce Berkow   Echo Cooper   Steve Field   Nadide Goksun   Mallory Gottlieb   Charles Hively   Michael Honegger   Steven Jungquist   Candi S Kalinsky    Chuck Keppler   Angela Kleis   Karen Klinedinst   Susan Lirakis   Morgan Lytle   Bobbi McMurry   Heather Mull   Stephen Murphy   Julia Nathanson   William Nieberding   Anastasia Potekhina   Joseph Rafferty   Madeline Ring   Marian Rubin   Kevin Russo   Jane Schultz
Bill Shumaker   Barbara Snyder   Debra Van Swearingen   Sam Wang   Candice Washington   Tina Weitz   and Michael Yoder


Catalog Now Available

 ©B Lankard

©B Lankard

3/2-4/28/18, Drawn to Water, Bryce Lankard

"Water calls to us as human beings, perhaps because we are mostly made up of the stuff. It shapes the land and makes life livable. We are drawn to water for many reasons: for our health and survival, for spiritual rites and rituals, for athletic endeavors, and often for the pure pleasure of social engagement. Water cleanses and invigorates. In the heat of a southern summer it cools us and acts as a social focal point. Water attracts every race and social strata. It can be a place of isolation and lone meditation or a location where one lets down one’s guard, along with much clothing, and rub shoulders with complete strangers. Water motivates us to dare and it will cushion our fall."

Bryce Lankard

Previous Exhibitions




2/2/18,  Shades of Black & WhiteJuror Susan Bernstein, Catalog Available

1/5/18,  The Abstract ImageJuror Adam Finlelston, Catalog Available

12/1/17,  The SE Center OpenJuror Tim Anderson, Catalog Available

11/3/17,  The Intimate PortraitJuror Joyce Tenneson, Catalog Available

10/6/17, Other WorldsJuror Tom Chambers, Catalog Available

9/1/17, Landscape, Grand and Personal, Juried by Eliot Dudik- Catalog Available

7/28/17, Forsaken, Juror Terri Cappucci

6/2/17, The Contemporary Nude, Juried by Mona Kuhn

5/5/17, Alternative Processes, Juried by Jill Enfield

4/7/17, Architectural Photography, Juried by Tillman Crane

3/3/17,  Beyond the SelfieJuried by Miss Aniela

2/3/17, REDJuried by Michael Itkoff

1/6/17, Monochrome, Juried by Del Zogg

12/2/16 Portal, Juried by Lori Vrba

11/4/16 Color, Juror Diana Bloomfield

10/7/16 Masks, Juror Aline Smithson

9/1/16 Documentary Photography, Jurors Romke Hoogwaerts & Grace Leigh

8/5/16 Nocturnes, Harold Davis Juror

6/3/16 On the Road, Douglas Beasley Juror

5/6/16 Water, Michael Pannier, Juror

4/1/16 The Abandoned Landscape, Laura Campbell, Juror

3/4/16 The Contemporary Nude, Bernard Gerson, Juror

2/5/16 Dreams, Ann George Juror

1/1/16 The Abstract Image, Blue Mitchell,  Juror

12/4/15 Be Square, Christophe Dillinger, Juror

11/6/15 The Narrative Portrait, Nicholas Kahn, Juror

9/4/15 Black ,White & Everything in Between, Jennifer Schlesinger, Juror



1/5/18-2/24/18, Ben Nixon, Oriental Seagull: Photogramic Paintings

9/1/17-10/28/17, Benjamin Dimmitt, PARADISE.LOST.

7/21/17-8/28/17, Polly Gaillard, Looking In, Looking Out

5/5/17-6/24/17, Andrew Feiler, Without Regard to Sex, Race, and Color

3/3/17-4/29/27 Emma Powell & Kirsten Hoving, Svala's Saga

11/4/16-12/31/16 Polly Chandler, You Build It, You Wreck It Down, and Mary Anne Mitchell, Meet Me in My Dreams

9/1/16 - 10/29/16 Owen Riley, Selected Images

6/3/16 - 8/27/16 Lori Vrba, New Images from Portal

4/8/16- 5/28/16 Leah Macdonald, Selected Works

2/5/16 -3/30/16 Ann George, Flight Behavior: A Murder of Crows

8/12/15 Center Invitational- The Best of the Upstate