Understanding A Call For Entry

Artists Seeking Exhibition Opportunities
Are you an artist looking to exhibit your art and get exposure for your work? Are you trying to gain interest from collectors and make sales? If you want to exhibit and sell your art be it photography, painting, sculpture, multimedia, or textile arts, calls for entry can be a great way to gain exposure. 

What Are Calls For Entry
Calls for entry are requests for all types of art including photography or other media published by art galleries, arts councils, festivals, photography websites, magazines. and blogs. Calls are usually for a specific exhibition, art installation, or a competition. Additionally, calls can come from museums and public entities that need art for public spaces. 

Understanding A Call For Entry
One of the keys is to simply to take your time and really read the call. Read it carefully and not just quickly right before the deadline. It sounds obvious but it is very important to fully understand what the requesting entity wants and needs. If you have questions, ask them. Most groups are quite responsive.

Tips For Responding
Again, to effectively respond to a call for entry, you must read the call and the prospectus. Most entries are now done online so even if your medium isn't photography, you still need to hone your photography skills. Submit the best images possible that will truly highlight your work. Higher resolution images are preferred but follow the entry guidelines on specific image size. Make sure you get all the details right on your submission.

To ensure your success, craft your response to the specific call parameters. Why just send a generic response when you can elevate your entry by customizing it to the call guidelines. This also applies to submitting your artist statement. You should tailor your statement to meet the call request. With a bit of creativity and careful editing, many images will work for several calls. Be sure to rework your statement, don't just send in a vague version. Often, statements carry almost as much weight as the entry images.

Do your homework by checking out the venue or organization that has issued the call. Review their mission statement. Get a feel for their preferred style by going through prior accepted entries online via their website and/or social media accounts. Different groups definitely favor different styles. A very avant-garde entity isn't likely to select your traditional portrait. Similarly, the most tasteful nude photo won't be accepted into a conservative venue. Many calls also include information on the juror or jurors; understanding the style and interests of the jurors can greatly increase your odds for success.

Looking To Showcase Your Photography
If you want to share your photographic prowess with a larger audience and help build your career, The Southeast Center for Photography (sec4p.com) will help make that happen. If you enjoy the challenge of creating work for exhibitions, The SE Center in Greenville, South Carolina is the place for you. The Center sponsors monthly submission calls and juried exhibits and works with all levels of artists from across the United States and internationally. They also sponsor solo and group shows, many of which are photographers found in the juried shows. 

If you aren't comfortable about entering your work, the SE Center's calls are detailed and easy to understand and follow. The timelines are clear and the staff is happy to answer any questions. They have a large number of prior exhibits online to help guide you. Additionally, they hold workshops and classes to help you increase your photography skills. Be sure to visit the site today and sign up to receive their latest calls and workshop information.