Exhibition Schedule at the SE Center for Photography

Exhibition Schedule


Typically our shows will open on First Friday

Woman by Women, 9/6/19, Juror Kat Kiernan

The following photographers have been selected to participate in Women by Women:

Tara Ashton   Sandra Bacchi Jacilyn Bailey   Janice Bond  Melissa Borman 
Joan Lobis Brown  Judy Brown  Jemma Castiglione
Jo Ann Chaus   Sinden Collier  Karen Commings   Sharon Draghi  Natalie Fay Green   
Coralie Fournier   Rheana Gardner  Nadide Goksun   Janet Holmes  Suzun Lamaina   Sonja Langford  J.K. Lavin  Christine Lenzen 
Marcia Mahoney  Landry Major  Lisa McCord  Caitlin McCullough  Christina McFaul  Kat Moser  Adrianna Newell  Louise Pedno  Dale Rio  Sally Russ 
Jenny Sampson  Susan Smith  Kamila Stepien  Andrea Torrei 
Nina Welch-Kling  Laiken Whittredge  Mara Zaslove 
and Christine Zuercher

*SE Center Members

Flora, 10/4/19, Juror Kate Breakey

Forgotten, 11/1/19, Juror Jeff Rich

Portrait, 12/6/19, Juror Doug Beasley



Color, 8/2/19, Juror, Blue Mitchell

©J Calleri

©J Calleri

The following photographers have been invited to participate in Color:
Claudio Ahlers
   Andi Alexander*   Natalie Allgyer  David Anderson   Sue Bailey*   Terry Barczak   Molly Block   William Bullard  Joesph Calleri   
Patricia Christakos   Frederic Crist*   Chris Dant*   Dennis Darmek   Dora Duan  Marco Felix     Bill Harbin*  Karen Healy   Robert Hein   Janet Holmes  
Lisa Stockton Howell* Daniel Kariko   Liz Lasine  Andy Mattern   Carlos Narvaez  Dale Niles   Angel O’Brien   Claude Peschel Dutombe  Jari Poulin   Van Pulley*  Russ Rowland   Danny Rowton   Ricky Sanders Tom Schifanella  Cristina Schleifer    Paul David Shea*   Carl Shubs*  Cherie Truesdell
Karen VanderVen*   Gina Vasquez   and Ziesook You

*SE Center Members

©Molly McCall

©Molly McCall

Diffusion, Curated by Lori Vrba, 7/5 - 8/31/19

The SE Center for Photography is proud to collaborate with Blue Mitchell to present an exhibition of images curated from the pages
of Diffusion IX by Lori Vrba.

Diffusion IX opens Friday, July 5 and runs through August
with the opening reception Friday, August 2.

The artists participating in  
Ray Bidegain   Addison Brown  Anne Campbell  Troy Colby
Joseph Deiss   Matthew Finley  Ellie Ivanova  Michael Kirchoff
Sandra Klein   Fritz Liedtke   Molly McCall   Noelle McCleaf
 Heather Perera   Michelle Rogers-Pritzl  Sara Silks
Stacie Ann Smith   Harland Viney   Melanie and Todd Walker
James Wigger and Susan de Witt

Opening Reception, Friday 8/2/19, 6-8 PM

Evenings with the Moon, Wendi Schneider, 9/6 - 10/26/19

Opening Reception, Friday 10/4/19, 6-8 PM

The Watershed Project, Jeff Rich. 11/1-12/28/19

Opening Reception, Friday 11/1/19, 6-8 PM

SE Center Members Show, 1/3/20-2/1/20

Opening Reception, Friday 1/3/20, 6-8 PM